About Me

I had always enjoyed imagining and drawing things and I had a passion for Mathematics (maybe due to my mum being a Maths teacher…). The combination of two interests led me to study Architecture at one of the best universities of Poland: Technical University of Gdansk. I graduated in 1993 with MSc and diploma in Architecture.

A few years later I was employed in the small practice in Co. Kerry – Ireland where my adventure with the Western European architecture started and led to me becoming a chartered architect in the UK. It was a great privilege to start my career in this country as a project architect on the Terminal 5, Heathrow project.

I have however developed a third passion – a passion for a historic heritage, old buildings and the history of art. Work with modern structures of glass and steel would be of no interest to me.

Having spend some years working beside a renowned Conservation Architect and Planner – Jack Warshaw I was motivated to complete MSc Thesis in Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of Portsmouth.

Since 1993 I have worked in 3 countries in varied sizes practices – starting as a draftsman, then project architect and an associate. This has helped me to develop the ability to interact with many kinds of clients at many levels and lead to establishing my own practice in 2010.

I have a fairly well rounded knowledge and experience of innovative, conceptual and detailed design, CAD, data management software and artistic illustration. My previous experience of both small & large practices has fostered in me strong site management, contract administration and other team-working skills.

I am married to Graeme MacKinley. We live in West Somerset near the border with Devon.