While working as the Resident Architect for Lee Abbey community I realized that no historical appraisal for the site of this magnificent listed building was written. In view of the plans to apply for a Listed Building Consent for various alterations to the house I took up this task.

I was very glad to discover and extensive collection of 19th century early photographs of the site held by Waller family. Studying historic maps and descriptions from various sources led me to conclude that the origins of this listed building are much older than generally believed and date back to 15/16th century.

I have also discovered that the building features believed to be designed by early 19th century architect John Nash – even though indeed designed by him were intended for a different site – Corsham Court in Gloucestershire ….and ended up incorporated into Lee Abbey building by a bit of lucky coincidence……

Client: Lee Abbey Followship
Location: Lynton, Devon