Twigbeare is a historic site of a former Manor but the farm house I was invited to see was comparatively recent with many “improvements” carried out in 1960s and -70s. All structures on site lacked quality. The original milk parlour adjacent to the house was already converted to a Granny Annex with part of it previously used as a local post office.

My Client needed to improve house’s functional layout and wished for a large garden extension. Both the main hose and the Annex required thorough refurbishment. I was also asked to design the conversion of two Barn outbuildings into 2/3 bedroom Holiday Let units.

We have sailed smoothly through the planning stage with the application for the house but the production of working details proved an interesting challenge as we were aiming for a fully breathable structure that obviously had to comply with requirements of current Building Regulations. Interestingly the two don’t go hand in hand together. Thanks to my earlier experience with various products and the “down to Earth”, sensible approach of the Building officer we came up with the good set of drawings and ideas that were hitting the targets.

The Barn conversion required however some diplomatic negotiations with the planners but we have succeeded in obtaining the permission for the scheme that we were happy with.

Client: Ann Andrews

Location: nr Torrington, Devon