I was approached by Barbara Grimmond to explore the possibility of building a comfortable 3 three bedroom, detached house in the grounds of her large house’s garden in the suburban context.

The house was to become her home as the development would enable the sale of the property she was living in at the time. The site seemed to be ideal for an infill development. Barbara was opened to the idea of investing in the environmentally friendly, breathable house in Hampcrete technology. I was excited to be able to design and oversee the building if this ECO home that was to be fitted with solar panels, Air Source Heat pump and underfloor heating throughout. We agreed to incorporated the area of sedum roof over one storey part of the house.

I felt it was right to keep the design quiet and in-keeping to the front with some exciting features to the rear. Working with Hempcrete proved to be very rewarding and gave me the opportunity to learn all there was to be learnt about this amazing, cost effective technology and to meet professionals who worked with it for some decades. Hempcrete is ideal for both new built and for work within existing historic context of breathable solid walls. I will definitely specify it again.

Client: Ms Barbara Grimmond

Location: Barnstaple, Devon