My task as a project architect was to provide a set of working drawings, obtain building regulations approval and administer the contract for the works to the decaying, listed 17th century cottage, which had been extended several times and adapted as a shop. CAP was asked to restore it and converted in to a restaurant and 2 flats. Upon identifying features for repair and preservation, including long hidden ones we made sure that historic assets were enhanced. An oak-fronted extension to the rear replaced a poor quality modern one. The biggest challenge was to provide the independent residential access and improved layouts that would be acceptable to the building control and assure the functional and comfortable accommodation. Where necessary the harmonious new elements complemented historic ones. During reconstruction, it became apparent that the cement render could be removed to reveal the original façade. The results were very pleasing. Late in the contract, we designed and fast-tracked the restaurant interiors for the new operator.

Client: Private
Location: Midhurst, West Sussex